Dress Wild, Go Fast, Eat Cheese - Skijordue 2024

If you live in Alberta and you haven't yet checked out a skijor event, are you even western? Wink, wink, of course, we're joking, but hope to see you at the skijoring event of the year coming up in Millarville on March 2. Check out the link and plan to attend the social event of our southern Alberta winter. Expect to watch four exciting skijor events, demo trick riding and stunts at the Millarville grounds. 

We love the West so this is an event we can get behind! We’re partnering with Skijordue to sponsor a fashion contest for the day. Gift certificates for a shopping spree at Cody & Sioux goes to the winner of each of three categories. So check out the hints below and come see us at the event on March 2. More details and tickets here.

Come and watch, eat, drink, lounge and especially, dress-up for the day in the maddest wear you can conceive. Our panel of judges will be on the lookout all day to place the winners in the following categories:

Best Euro-Trash
From excessive gold jewelry and designer sunglasses to striped rib-hugging shirts, there isn’t a possibility of too over the top here, but the staple basics of gilt, feathers, spandex, lederhosen and animal prints will thrill the judges.

Best Wild West
The judges are looking for your best adaption of a Wild West look style for winter. Build out from core garments of fur, leather and suede. Don't forget the fringe and chaps!

Best Novel & Innovative
As if the above two categories aren’t “out there” enough for you, here’s your chance to really fly your freaky flag. Mash together Wild West and Euro-Trash or go completely off the radar. In other words, anything goes – strive to please the judges with creative wittiness and original ideas, but remember, we’ll be partial to the themes above. Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire next year’s runaway trend.

If you need inspiration see #skijorstyle here. Can't wait to see y'all there.