Introducing a new blog series: Innovators of the West

It's no secret we here at Cody & Sioux believe in the West. We curate and maintain our idea of it through every piece we carry in our shop. It is our passion to make western attire, accoutrements and home decor into everyday wear and goods – pieces that feelaccessible to everyone. It's our brand, but more than that, it is our ethos.

Cody and Sioux, Calgary location.

Our interest in preserving the West and western way of life comes from a deep seeded appreciation and understanding of the western lifestyle. The West is as varied as it is vast and completely unique to each individual and unsurprisingly, we are not the only ones interested in preserving it, we're just a small piece of a very big community.

Our mission statement.

This new series is designed to showcase the members of that community of West - people who embody the Modern West. People who are pushing the West forward. While the mythos is that the West is dying out or long-gone, these people are evidence of a vibrant and a diverse western legacy alive and well.

We've been collecting and taking interviews with some of our favorite characters of the West, talking with people all over Canada and North America. We will be showcasing those interviews right here on this blog. Interviews with photographers, influencers, writers, horsemen and women, along with some of our favourite creators and curators of the West.

This series is dedicated to the expansion of ideas about the West through real life examples of men and women who are embodying it. In addition, we want to push the boundaries on what might be considered West. But then again, we have always enjoyed walking on the wild side.

This will be an ongoing series. Watch our blog for the latest installments.