Cody & Sioux Layaway

Welcome to Cody & Sioux Layaway

Layaway is designed to help you get your hands on the items that you love, and is a budget friendly way to make payments on items you would like to own. Unlike a credit card, there is no interest.

Upon making your last payment on your item, we will charge a $20 processing fee – that’s it. When paid on time, without cancellation, Cody & Sioux Layaway is nearly fee free!

How to do Layaway at Cody & Sioux

  • Pick your item $300 and over to put on layaway. 
    • Jewelry, boots and some outerwear $300 or over, is eligible for layaway. Please ask if you are unsure.
  • Put 15% of the purchase price down, plus GST, to secure your item.
  • Your last payment will include a $20 processing fee.
  • Monthly payments are made on the 1st of every month from the credit card number you have supplied and authorized us to complete a monthly charge on, or a bank e-transfer, with a maximum of a six month payment schedule and a minimum of a $100 a month payment.
  • See example payment schedule below.
  • Depending when you put your item on layaway, your first payment may be within a week, if that is the case, you have the option to wait a month to make your first payment. Example: If you put an item on layaway on October 27th, your next payment would be for example, on November 1st, less than 7 days away. In this circumstance, you can choose to defer your first payment until the 1st of December.

When Layaway goes on sale

Should the item you have picked out for layaway be specifically chosen to go on sale at Cody & Sioux, we will honor that sale for you, and rework the numbers so you may benefit from the sale item, even while it is on layaway. 

Storewide sales are not eligible for layaway discount.

Cancellation Policy

We understand for a number of reasons that you may need to cancel your layaway, please let us know as soon as possible if this is the case.

  • There is no cancellation fee.
  • You will be charged the $20 processing fee when you cancel.
  • Whatever dollar amount you have paid in layaway, minus the $20 processing fee, will be returned to you in full store credit. Please understand that we have been holding your item for you, there are no cash or credit card refunds.

Late Payments

There are fees for late payments. 

  • Should your card decline or e-transfer not occur, we will advise you and you will have five days to make the payment. If it is not made by the 6th of the month, you will assess a 10% late fee in addition to the monthly payment. 
  • Example: If your monthly payment on your layaway is $100, and you are late to make a payment, your balance owing will become a total of $110.
  • If your credit card declines, or e-transfer is not received more than 15 days past the 1st of the month of your last payment due, your layaway item will be cancelled, and your payment total will be returned to you in full store credit. 

Example Payment Schedule

Below is an example of a payment schedule for an item priced at $600. If paid on time this item will cost $600, plus $30 GST, plus the $20 processing fee, when purchased with layaway.

Date Nov 1st Dec 1st Jan 1st Feb 1st Mar 1st Apr 1st
Details Item worth $630 after taxes is put on layaway. A 15% deposit of $94.50 is put down to hold the item. $107.10 payment made $107.10 payment made $107.10 payment made $107.10 payment made Remaining balance and transaction fee are paid totaling $127.10. The customer is now able to come pick up their new item!
Balance Owing $446.25 $346.25 $246.25 $146.25 $46.25+$25 $0