Why West?

The Disappearing West is about life in the West. It’s about a life that is engaged with western culture – appreciative and honoring the land, from the cowboy tradition to current views. It’s modern, but respectful and mindful of tradition and history. It honors the cowboys, competitors, artisans, musicians, authors, photographers and artists who spend their lives devoted to keeping our idea of the West alive. It's about appreciating the richness of our idea of living in the western way, recognizing its authenticity, and celebrating how it enriches all of our lives. Why West? We believe many of us are connected in some way, shape or form to the West. This journal of all things West is a witness to those connections. Of all of which awakens and stirs the West within us. Art, music, books, mavericks, places, food, destinations. The Old West and that West which is present in our modern lives. Wide open space. Independence. Sustainability. Individualism. Character. And, grit. Of all we need, and of the need, to be stewards of the West. To the naked eye, it may seem to be disappearing, but part of the continual mystique of the West is its knack for reinvention, a blank slate, strong and silently at the ready for interpretation by future generations. Surfacing, sometimes in the most unusual and unexpected corners. We’ll leave it up to you to find it within you. Be stubborn about it. Be meticulous. Savor it and live it. Go ahead and let it save your soul.